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TFK Coalition Statement for Record SASC Family Readiness 22719

Statement for the Record- TFK SASC Base Housing 021319

TFK statement for record HASC MilPers Feb5 2020

TFK Memo re COVID19 Pandemic Accommodations April 2020

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ACE Kids Act Supporting Organizations

2019 NDAA GAO Report Incapacitation

10/02/2018 TFK Coalition 2018 NDAA Letter

08/09/2018 Penhale DoD IG Letter

7/10/2018 Tricare for Kids Coalition Support Letter ACE Kids

07/19/2018 TFK Coalition 2019 NDAA Letter to Conferees

12/18/2017 Pediatric Health Care Services Report Final

09/21/2017 TFK letter to Sen Murkowski re G-C Impact on Military Families

09/19/2017 TFK letter to Sen McCain re G-C Impact on Military Families

A new Senate proposal to cut Medicaid does not address or allay the concerns of stakeholders. The proposed legislation will negatively impact military children and their families.

08/07/2017 Pediatric Health Care Services Report – Predecisional Draft

Just In – Defense Health Board 10 August 2017 Report on Pediatric Care. This 200+ page report reflects the Board’s deliberations over the last year (see TFK  Briefing Book, below). The DHB report clearly validates the Tricare for Kids concerns, and challenges the DoD initial and subsequent TFK responses that Tricare is providing pediatric services adequately.

MFRC Submissions by Military Families 2017

More than 60 families and advocates submitted to the Military Family Readiness Council in February 2017 their personal stories regarding challenges in obtaining necessary care for their children. The MFRC shared these documents with the Defense Health Board in Spring 2017 for consideration as it conducts its pediatric healthcare review and recommendations for improvement.

Military family stories are the most powerful tools we have in advocacy to improve healthcare access, coverage and accountability for our military children.

TFK Briefing Book for DHB 05 May 2017

Recommendations to the Defense Health Board for improvements in military children’s health care supports and services by the Tricare for Kids Coalition.

TFK Coalition to Congress: Medicaid Cuts Negatively Impact Military Families

Military and veteran families rely on Medicaid and the pediatric care infrastructure to serve our most vulnerable children, families during transition, and for medically necessary supports and services not covered by Tricare.

12/6/2016 TFK Coalition Comments Defense Health Board Dec 14 Mtg

Submission to the DHB to inform discussion and testimony around pediatric care including medical necessity and problems with a system for military children that is based on Medicare.

TFK Letter to MFRC regarding Accountability of TFK Action by DHA

The Coalition letter to the Military Family Readiness Council (MFRC) thanking the Council for its continued interest and commitment to monitoring and pressing for action addressing the findings of the TFK (aka DoD Pediatric Report) released July 2104.

Military Special Needs Network Letter to MFRC regarding ECHO and Need for Action

Key TFK Coalition member, the Military Special Needs Network (MSNN) letter to MFRC thanking the Council for its commitment to military families with special needs, and pointing out errors and misstatements, as well as lack of progress on ECHO improvements. Every day that DoD fails to act to improve ECHO, military families impacted by disabilities and chronic or complex conditions are not receiving the supports and services they need.

Letter to MFRC Regarding Lack of Progress on EFMP Reform

Advocate and TFK founding member Jeremy Hilton chronicled the saga and lack of progress toward EFMP reform for the Military Family Readiness Council which has shown great interest and commitment to reform. Every day that DoD fails to act, military families are not receiving supports and services they need.

03/15/2016 TFK Coalition CHGME FY 2017 Support Letter

Significant Findings in the TFK Report July 2014

This document details the significant findings of the TFK/DoD Pediatric Report to Congress released in July 2014. Congress, the Military Family Readiness Council, and advocates have requested updates but here has been no specific nor comprehensive response to date.

TFK Coalition NDAA Conference Committee letter 

TFK Coalition FY17 NDAA Brief on Conference Cmte Issues

Make TRICARE Work for Kids Feb2016 handout

TFK Coalition Recommendations for NDAA FY 2017

TFK Coalition CHGME FY 2017 support letter

TFK Coalition Letter ABA Reimbursement Changes March 2016

TFK Coordinated Response, 09/24/14 (summary)